How to Create Useful Interview Questions

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There are some people who excel in interviewing applicants and seem to always make great hires. However, those great interviewers are a small percentage of the people who are conducting interviews. Understanding the questions to be asked can make a significant difference and make the interviewing process easier. This is very short book with one purpose... to show you how to create and ask more useful questions during an interview that will lead to a better hire.

  Provides a few generic questions as examples of the type of questions you can ask anyone.

  Includes a process and questions you can use when reviewing a resume with the applicant.

  Demonstrates how to create 51 relevant questions directly from a sample job description.

  This document may be downloaded twice.


CREATOR:  C.J. Westrick, SPHR, HR Consultant and Founder of HR Jungle LLC
C.J. has been involved in human resources management and consulting since 1990 and founded HR Jungle LLC in 2006. She has a bachelor's degree in business management and has maintained her SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) national certification since 2002.


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