New Hire Paperwork (and Instructions)

$65 for a Whole Lot of Forms, a Video, and Updates

Companies are required to provide new employees with several forms and numerous brochures. The brochures from California and the Federal government can be hard to find and even harder to know what exactly you must provide. California, particularly, has an enormous amount of employment laws and they want employees to know about their rights so they produce informational brochures we are required to provide our new employees.

We have done the work for you by creating, collecting, organizing, and even updating the paperwork so you can easily provide new hire paperwork and know you're compliant. Yes, we will help you keep your packet updated for a year by sending email notifications when something has changed or been added so you can download an updated packet at no additional cost.

  Forms needed to acquire the needed information about your employee and to protect yourself.

  Current required California and Federal informational brochures so you're compliant.

  A video explaining the forms and brochures included in the download.

  Email notices for a year with free updates of new/changed governmental brochures or forms.

  The forms can be downloaded and the streaming video viewed twice.



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